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What a freaking nightmare. I lost my phone a couple of weeks ago. Of course, I haven’t been backing it up, it’s only a phone… Then I realized how much of my life I keep in there. I get email from three different accounts, and store the passwords. I have “secret” email addresses or passwords […]

TV presenter sets fire to Paris Hilton :-)

TV presenter screws up and sets fire to Paris Hilton story live on air | the Daily Mail It’s about bloody time someone stood up for responsible journalism. The video is hosted on YouTube.  Related Paris Hilton Responds to McCain Ad Paris Hilton Responds to McCain Ad from Paris Hilton, Adam… What NOT to Do […]

What NOT to Do With an Industrial Robot

YouTube – Robot Ride Part of my engineering curriculum was a very fun hands-on robotics course. A robot like this one can move so fast that you don’t have time to get out of its way. Factories that use robotics will have black-and-yellow danger lines on the floor around around each workstation and flashing lights […]

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