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An Introduction to Evolution

I have to give a speech on evolution…help? – Yahoo! Answers My nephew would tell you that a shark doesn’t turn into a chair. Darwin and Wallace were the first guys to write about evolution. Darwin got his ideas while traveling around the world and seeing all kinds of animals. The ship was called the […]

The Renaissance

I’ve been playing on Yahoo! Answers and it’s been great for my writer’s block. I’m starting a new category. Renaissance means “rebirth.” It is the rebirth of knowledge and of culture after a thousand years of ignorance. If you control information – DRM! – you control the world. King Charlemagne of France wanted to learn […]

Log Jam

Ever since I started my first web page back in 1995, I have been fascinated with the server logfiles. Laughing Squid provides access to my logs through the Plesk interface, so I get to scan them occasionally. It’s good for a laugh. Huh? She laughs over server logs? What a geekess! Well, duh! They’re, like, […]

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