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WordPress 3.5 Issue – Add New Post Toolbar

I upgraded to WordPress 3.5 and some plugins last night. The automatic install went smoothly as always, but dammit! something went wrong. Problems: “Add New Post” won’t switch from Text to Visual Quicktags toolbar was blank or missing “Add Media” popped up a red box alerting me that the WP 3.5 media uploader was New […]

Tagaroo Issue

Calais Tagaroo › Tagaroo refreshes page too often Tagaroo is the fine WordPress plugin from OpenCalais that suggests tags and imanges for my posts. It’s a great tool! There’s just one problem… Tagaroo updates the page every few seconds to change the tags it suggests when I’m writing some posts. Not all, but enough to […]

WordPress 2.3.1 Upgrade

yeah Just upgraded to WordPress 2.3.1. The release, not the release candidate. I wound up have to go into phpMyAdmin and set the auto_increment value in some of the MySQL tables. Now that I’ve sorted it out, I have to say that so far I like it. Sidebar widgets and tags are built right in. […]

Technorati Tags Bookmarklet

Andrew Beacock’s Blog: Oddiophile’s Technorati Tags Bookmarklet is available here I originally used the simpletags plugin for WordPress, but it has a couple of little quirks. I began manually typing in the links with images – they have the added benefit of telling Technorati about page views even when my visitors don’t click. What a […]

The Big Time

Well, I finally made it to the big time. Well, no, what I really mean is that the spambots found “Into The Void” this week and they are hammering my WordPress blog with comment spam. I’ve received 500-some requests in the last 48 hours. Would anyone in their right mind patronize a company that has […]

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