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What NOT to Do With an Industrial Robot

YouTube – Robot Ride Part of my engineering curriculum was a very fun hands-on robotics course. A robot like this one can move so fast that you don’t have time to get out of its way. Factories that use robotics will have black-and-yellow danger lines on the floor around around each workstation and flashing lights […]


EE Times: Star Trek’s ‘tricorder’ realized The 20-pound, battery-powered unit combines a mass spectrometer with a desorption electrospray ionization (DESI) source. This device, which doesn’t have a cute name yet, is a general purpose sniffer that can take samples from the air and identify just about any substance known to man. The 300+ pound explosive […]

Treasure from Used Hard Drives

MIT researchers uncover mountains of private data on discarded computers. The article above points out that it is not enough to format your harddrive before discarding it. A format only removes directory information, it doesn’t actually remove the data. In 2003, some MIT students obtained 158 used hard drives from eBay and other sources. Most […]


The StressEraser is a handheld biofeedback unit. Unlike my favorite computer game, Journey to Wild Divine[

Spyware Warrior

Spyware Warrior: Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Products & Web Sites Just thought I’d share this site. Very useful after one of your kids poisons your computer with the free spyware nuker that his alleged friend recommended.  Related New Google Feature: 403 Forbidden Google flagged me on the 11th page of results for… Gusano Bagel It would, of […]

CVS $19.99 Video Camera

The CVS one-time use video camera with modification for advanced preview capabilities. No related posts.

Jagged Peak Adventure

YouTube – Line Rider – Jagged Peak Adventure A new game. If I did drugs I might waste a year or two playing this game.  Related 8.8.08 meme Get out one of the books you are reading –… Journey to Wild Divine Playing the game was like being in one of those… YARPP powered by […]

Windows Vista – Got Crack?

Hacker publicly cracks Windows Vista – vnunet.com For those of you who aren’t aware that the long-awaited Microsoft “Longhorn” OS has been released for Beta testing under the new name “Vista”… well, they have. Add more memory, clear 40G in your harddrive to run a virtual machine, and buy a new video card if you […]

My Cellphone ROCKS

It’s a Siemens SX66. I reviewed it earlier this year. Read my review. I’m posting this from it via my home wireless network. Cingular has their own GPRS network, and I’ll use it in a pinch, but it’s really sssslllllooooowwww, not to mention expensive. I prefer other options. It is very important that you password-protect […]

The Big Time

Well, I finally made it to the big time. Well, no, what I really mean is that the spambots found “Into The Void” this week and they are hammering my WordPress blog with comment spam. I’ve received 500-some requests in the last 48 hours. Would anyone in their right mind patronize a company that has […]

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