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Microsoft Dreamspark Student Software

Microsoft DreamSpark Dreamspark is Microsoft’s program for getting free development tools into the hands of students, in hopes that when they get out in the business world they’ll ask for the tools they’re familiar with. Or in Microsoft’s own words: It is our hope that the DreamSpark program will spark your creativity and help you […]

Murphy Is Alive And Well

Murphy is alive and well. The power supply blew in the middle of a push to get a design out the door. Fortunately we found a cheap replacement at my electronics store of choice, NewEgg.com. Athena Power AP-P4ATX35 350W Power Supply  Related Mr. Breeze Look what blew into my house. His name is Mr…. YARPP […]

AT&T Wireless Speed Test

Much to my surprise the speed test ran and said my phone is faster than DSL.

Chip PC Jack Thin Client

I am having serious trouble keeping my debit card in my pocket on this one. I suspect that sometime between now and tomorrow morning I will yield to temptation. The Chip PC Jack is a computer that fits in a standard electrical outlet. WANT! A “Thin-Client” computer is one that runs a pared down operating […]

My XO Laptop

My XO Laptop is almost here. Watch this space for a technical writeup and demo video. —– Original Message —– From: OLPC Customer Care To: banth@….. Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2008 2:30 AM Subject: Your XO Laptop Dear Donor, We wrote you several days ago to let you know that your donation is in our […]

3D Spam

Responsible Nanotechnology: 3D Spam? In the “just one more thing to worry about” category, the Committee for Responsible Nanotechnology (CRN) blog has an article about what might happen if spammers figure out how to control the 3D nanofactories we will all have on our desks someday. As if faxed travel ads aren’t bad enough.  Related […]

More Icons

I think I’ll name my next dog “Hash: b2e189abf85e809a51522cdb0e53083a” I found Don Park’s site (see below, Identicons) while searching for 2D codes such as ShotCode and QRCode. Once I get everything tagged, life is going to be much simpler. :-) Ok, so Don had links to some other fun icon sites, and I’d like to […]

Tagging Meatspace

I’ve been playing with the .mobi stuff and discovered that 2D codes have a use other than to count packs of cigarettes. I can put my web site URL into a QR-Code or a ShotCode, print it on stickers, and stick the stickers to things. Then folks can point their cellphone cameras at the code […]

Drawing Flowers in Excel

Ok, so they’re not flowers, they’re lemniscates. If you are using IE 5.01 Service Pack 2 (SP2) or later and the Microsoft Office 2003 Web Components, you can play with this interactively by clicking on the flower. IE may give you a security warning. Apparently IE doesn’t trust Excel. The equation is ampl + PM […]

Netflix WatchNow, but use IE

Netflix Watch Now! Netflix started rolling out their WatchNow instant video feature in January. If it hasn’t shown up in your account yet, try the link above to activate it. Oh, but try it in Internet Exploder. It doesn’t work in Firefox. Netflix WatchNow tests your connection speed to choose what video quality to stream. […]

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