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Sarah Palin quits!

Sarah Palin just quit her job as Governor of Alaska. The 2012 presidential race has begun! The pundits are going on about whoever coupld have given her such terrible political advice. Since she doesn’t take advice from anyone but her husband, it seems pretty obvious. Possibilities: 1) She plans to attend MJ’s memorial service. 2) […]

The Poetry of Sarah Palin

The Poetry of Sarah Palin. – By Hart Seely – Slate Magazine “Haiku” These corporations. Today it was AIG, Important call, there. (To S. Hannity, Fox News, Sept. 18, 2008)  Related Palin’s Ethics – Computer Hacking Sarah Palin: The Nuclear Option? • View topic – Sarah’s… Sarah Palin: The Nuclear Option? Sarah Palin: The Nuclear […]

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