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WordPress 3.5 Issue – Add New Post Toolbar

I upgraded to WordPress 3.5 and some plugins last night. The automatic install went smoothly as always, but dammit! something went wrong. Problems: “Add New Post” won’t switch from Text to Visual Quicktags toolbar was blank or missing “Add Media” popped up a red box alerting me that the WP 3.5 media uploader was New […]

Dewey Decimal System

Almost six years after beginning this blog I have realized that a blog is more easily browsed if the categories are predefined and logical rather than added haphazardly as new posts require new categories. For that reason I’ve decided to use the Dewey Decimal System. The Library of Congress Classification Outline (LCC) is more widely […]

Technorati Tags Bookmarklet

Andrew Beacock’s Blog: Oddiophile’s Technorati Tags Bookmarklet is available here I originally used the simpletags plugin for WordPress, but it has a couple of little quirks. I began manually typing in the links with images – they have the added benefit of telling Technorati about page views even when my visitors don’t click. What a […]

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