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TFTD: Hallucination

RealMagick Article: The Seven Shaman Principles by Serge Kahill King Thought for the Day: Hallucination means “your dream doesn’t match my dream.”  Related The Renaissance I’ve been playing on Yahoo! Answers and it’s been great… YARPP powered by AdBistroPowered by


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Thought for the Day (TFTD)

“God must be greater than the greatest of human weaknesses and, indeed, the greatest of human skill. God must even transcend our most remarkable – to emulate nature in its absolute splendor. How can any man or woman sin against such greatness of mind? How can one little carbon unit on Earth – in the […]


Spirituality doesn’t have to take the form of a belief in a god, or even in an intelligence. It especially doesn’t equate to organized religion. In fact, churches have to discourage religious epiphanies in the general membership, lest their god tells someone outside of the power structure something the church elders don;t want to hear. […]

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