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Microsoft Dreamspark Student Software

Microsoft DreamSpark Dreamspark is Microsoft’s program for getting free development tools into the hands of students, in hopes that when they get out in the business world they’ll ask for the tools they’re familiar with. Or in Microsoft’s own words: It is our hope that the DreamSpark program will spark your creativity and help you […]

WordPress 2.3.1 Upgrade

yeah Just upgraded to WordPress 2.3.1. The release, not the release candidate. I wound up have to go into phpMyAdmin and set the auto_increment value in some of the MySQL tables. Now that I’ve sorted it out, I have to say that so far I like it. Sidebar widgets and tags are built right in. […]

Jagged Peak Adventure

YouTube – Line Rider – Jagged Peak Adventure A new game. If I did drugs I might waste a year or two playing this game.  Related 8.8.08 meme Get out one of the books you are reading –… Journey to Wild Divine Playing the game was like being in one of those… YARPP powered by […]

Still Reluctant

Of course, if I *wanted* a dual-boot system, XP probably would have shredded the existing file system.

The Reluctant Geekess

I’ve been dragging my feet as far as the soon-to-be Linux Laptop goes. There are a couple of issues that I haven’t quite resolved. First, Knoppix came up in the GUI. It didn’t seem to support the wireless card. But it communicated with it, which is better than Windows 98 did. I found what might […]

Missionaries and Cannibals

Created with Wink and Photoshop. Yeah, I guess I’ve avoided Photoshop for long enough. Here’s a rather bizarre version of the game on learn4good.com.  Related Jagged Peak Adventure YouTube – Line Rider – Jagged Peak Adventure A new… YARPP powered by AdBistroPowered by


I’m considering getting a Linux laptop. Now that Red Hat has been seduced to the Dark side, Fedora it will be. I get the scratch-and-dent email from BobJohnson.com and I’m hopeful that there will be a suitable laptop soon. And that they will actually be able to ship it to me this time.  Related The […]

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