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Cthulhu: Genetic risk and stressful early infancy join to increase risk for schizophrenia Me: Dr. Fuller Torrey says schizophrenia caused by cat shit. Pfffft! Cthulhu: Ah, the Toxoplasmosis link? Yeah, I’m a little wary about that myself. I’d have to see more data on that published than has been. Me: Empirical data shows that sometimes […]

Dark, dark thoughts: parasites

I’ve been thinking about parasites. Not the “earworm” sort of thing where you hear a bit of a song and can’t get it out of your head for the rest of the day. Not even the everyday suck-on-your-intestines nasties. I’m thinking about the kind of parasites that get into your mind and control your thoughts […]

Schizophrenia – Industrial Disease?

Early manifestations and first-contact incidence of schizophrenia in different cultures. A preliminary report on the initial evaluation phase of the WHO Collaborative Study on determinants of outcome of severe mental disorders. Psychol Med. 1986 Nov;16(4):909-28. Sartorius N, Jablensky A, Korten A, Ernberg G, Anker M, Cooper JE, Day R. The results provide strong support for […]

Consensus Reality

Referring back to Shamanism and Talking to Dog. We have the ability to perceive *everything* until our society teaches us to block out of our minds what’s happening on the other side of the door. Privacy is how it starts. Later it becomes political. This is the definition of sanity, sharing a world-view. My cat […]

TFTD: SchizoCon

Thought for the Day: “Back in school I treated schizophrenics who were anywhere from clearly on-the-surface very different, but there were others with whom everything would seem normal until they began discussing the area of their reality that parted from everyone else’s. Sort of like talking to a neoconservative.” — DocShiva, from an email. Quoted […]

NAMI and My Sense of Self

Anosognosia (impaired awareness of illness): A major problem for individuals with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. As the years go by, I am less and less impressed with NAMI. I think their agenda is to improve the family’s comfort at the expense of the patient’s autonomy. They teach the rather disturbing idea that a large percentage […]

Remission in Bipolar Disorder

If someone figures out how to “cure” genetics, let me know. You can’t exactly pick up a bottle of Grecian Formula for Brain at the local pharmacy. Remission is another thing altogether. That simply means that you are having an extended symptom-free period. Given that the DSM-IV bipolar criteria only require that the patient have […]

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