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“Vocatus atque non vocatus… deus aderit Called or not called , GOD will be present.” — Inscription on Gravestone of Professor Dr. Carl G. Jung, Kusnacht, Switzerland Quoted from Heaven’s Register Have you read any Jung? Jung was a medical doctor whose father was a philospher and pastor. Jung believed that God is not “out […]

The Malleus Maleficarum

Recently an acquaintance tried to convince me that the Witch Trials were totally due to social forces. Of course there were social forces at work, but in the end the Evils that occurred during that time frame were the final chapter in the Church’s 600-year war on Serpent Knowledge. She had been completely blinded to […]

Fermilab in the Sky

Positive Atheism – search for “Magic To Science” when you get to the site. I did a little light reading at lunchtime today. I got a real giggle out of this quote. We see in these perceptions the first appearance of a kind of science — the seeking of causal explanations for the phenomena of […]


Halloween, in case you aren’t a history freak, is a remnant of pre-Christian rituals – a night when the spirits came back to walk among us, and a chance to make up for the wrongs we committed against them when they were alive. “All Hallows E’en”. It seems that the urban folks were converted to […]

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