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Found this in my error log. Apparently somebody drops nasties in people’s image directories and induce other folks to access the nasty. Fortunately the file doesn’t exist in my image directory. I can’t guess whether it was ever there, or whether the tech guys at the host removed it for me. I see from looking […]


Found this f*cker at the bottom of index.php. The file was in the top level and IE kindly downloaded it for me. It’s late, it’s my own site, and I wasn’t paying attention. I ran it. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m running a McAfee scan – it didn’t flag the executable – […]

Subdreamer Under Windows

Flush with my recent success running Tiki Wiki under Windows XP SP2, I thought it might be fun to try Subdreamer, too. Subdreamer is a Content Management System and is different from a Wiki mainly in the way it organizes and presents data. Subdreamer has the advantage of allowing me to integrate my phpBB forum […]

Intro to the Blogosphere

Bloggers have been described with syllogisms such as
blogger : journalist :: tick : sheep
bloggers : journalists :: dung beetles : elephants

TikiWiki under Windows

I recently decided to migrate the main web page to a Wiki. I’ve messed around with a couple of CMSs – Mambo and subDreamer – and decided that the format and size of the site really don’t require that kind of power. A quick look at the features of some popular wiki software led me […]

Share your Information on the Web

In a previous article I was babbling about subscribing to RSS feeds in order to reduce information overload. But let’s look at it from the other side now. Webmasters use RSS feeds to keep customers up-to-date. Customers use a feed reader to grab the raw XML from their favorite sites, and the feed reader formats […]

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