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Animals As Intelligent Beings

Tuning into your pet’s needs – BlogPaws My cat turned me on to a new blog for pet owners called BlogPaws. There is some mention of a conference for bloggers, writers and pet supply companies. The first emphasis brought to my attention was the SEO aspect of writing a blog. kittehboi.com is a fun blog, […]

Thought for the Day: Anosognosia

Anosognosia for Hemiplegia: A Window into Self-Awareness …Anosognosia brings questions of the origin of self-awareness to the forefront. How can someone lose the ability to know when she is or is not moving? Is this some type of elaborate Freudian defense mechanism, or is this person entirely unaware of her illness? How is self-awareness represented […]

Kosmic Konsciousness

I’ve been listening to Ken Wilber’s Kosmic Konsciousness on SoundsTrue the last couple of days, and am trying to sort out levels and lines. This isn’t what he wanted me to get out of it at all. It is my understanding that a spirit can be limited by the vessel it finds itself under some […]

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