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Humor in the Holocaust

“…Look, without humor we would all have committed suicide. We made fun of everything. What I’m actually saying is that that helped us remain human, even under hard conditions.” — Holocaust survivor, quoted by Dr. Chaya Ostrower, PhD of Beit Berl College, Israel in Humor as a defense mechanism in the Holocaust I came across […]

What Was the Cold War?

In WWII the Germans ran into Russia killing everyone they found. They destroyed entire villages, an entire way of life. In some parts of Russia one in four people died. Every family was affected. However, the Germans awakened a sleeping giant. And when U.S. General George Patton realized just how big Russia was, he wanted […]

Night of the Long Knives

The National Socialist party didn’t spring full-grown from the head of Zeus. The groundwork for the Night of the Long Knives was laid years before it happened.There are a lot of parallels between the increasing curtailment of freedom in the US and the laws in post-WWI Germany. We have not yet been punished by the […]

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