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Text Messaging – Bad 4 UR Health?

Did Text-Messaging Lead to N.Y. Crash? Take a giggly cheerleader. Give her a Cinderella driver’s license, an SUV and a cell phone. Then throw four more cheerleaders in the vehicle with her. What do you get? Well, moms and dads, you get a fiery crash. My cell phone account gives me a complete list of […]

iPhone's Innards

Under the Hood: Inside the Apple iPhone | Video Imaging DesignLine Since I have little interest in spending a week’s pay on a telephone, I rather enjoyed seeing one disemboweled.  Related Driving to Valhalla My husband is an electrical engineer like I am. He… YARPP powered by AdBistroPowered by

WiFi Hotspot Locator

This Hotspot Locator is coming in very handy, given the exorbitant price of Cingular’s GPRS service. Republished with permission from JIWire.com.

Review of the Siemens SX66

Santa wasn’t very good to me this year. I suspect that he heard me accidentally call him Satan the week before Christmas. Or maybe he figured out that I’m a techno-Pagan. I bought myself a toy instead. It’s better that way… I got exactly what I wanted and I didn’t have to be a good […]

Driving and Cell Phones

Drivers using cell phones more likely to crash – Wireless World – MSNBC.com. I don’t think I need to comment on the content of this article. It sure took MSNBC a long time to figure it out. driving + using cellphone = menace  Related Text Messaging – Bad 4 UR Health? Did Text-Messaging Lead to […]

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