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Do Plastics Contribute to Obesity?

Plastics… and other unusual explanations for the obesity epidemic Weather.com just noticed years of research suggesting that some plastics contain estrogen-like chemicals which can leech out into the contents. Welcome to the REAL world. If estrogen-like compounds really do leech into your soda, not only could it make you fat, it could also cause breast […]

In the P.I.N.K.

VODKA – p.i.n.k. Spirits – Vodka Infused With Caffeine and Guarana – Mixed Drinks – P.I.N.K. My shrink recommended I try a new beverage called “P.I.N.K.” Well, I think he was recommending it. I didn’t exactly get stern warning out of the conversation. I picked up a bottle today and brought a sip or two […]

Taco Belly

Sign on the wall at the cashier’s station in a drive-through Taco Bell. The sign has since been moved, apparently because Taco Bell realized that customers can read. I doubt that it’s because Corporate noticed that there is an epidemic of obesity in the US. ATTENTION CASHIERS When ringing up a Value Meal your reply […]

Refillable Coffee Filter for the Senseo

Ecopad, the Refillable Coffee Filter for the Senseo I thought I was going to have to get another coffeemaker, because I’ve grown tired of the few brands that make pods for the Senseo single-cup coffee system. Here’s a refillable coffee pod. Now I can use whatever coffee I want to make foamy single cups. No […]

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