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Vagus Nerve & the Mind-Body Connection

The vagus nerve is a cranial nerve, a honking big nerve that runs from your skull, down your chest and into your abdomen. The punch-in-the-gut feeling of a jolt of adrenalin/the start of an anxiety attack is carried on the vagus nerve. The usual paradigm for emotions is they start in the brain. Most of […]

On Meddling

“Is it not in the nature of complex social systems to go wrong, all by themselves, without external cause? Look at overpopulation, look at Calhoun’s famous model, those overcrowded colonies of rats and their malignant social pathology, all due to their own skewed behavior. Not at all, is my answer. All you have to do […]

How to Save Money on Meds

If you usually traipse over to your local Rite Aid to get medications, you can easily save money. Number one is to get generics where available. Lamictal 200 mg 60 tablets $389.99 Lamotrigine 200 mg 60 tablets $323.14 :: cheaper Number two is that your drugstore probably sells drugs online for at least 10% lower than at […]

Online list of DSM-IV diagnoses.

PSYweb DSM-IV Diagnoses and Codes. PSYweb has a list of the DSM-IV Diagnosis Codes. Notice that there are a lot of psychiatric diagnoses caused by psych meds. This makes it totally clear that your meds can make you sicker, a good argument for doing the minimum meds to make you functional vs. medicating yourself into […]

Pharmaceutical Chastity Belt

Perhaps we should refer to our meds as a “pharmaceutical chastity belt.”

Thought for the Day: Anosognosia

Anosognosia for Hemiplegia: A Window into Self-Awareness …Anosognosia brings questions of the origin of self-awareness to the forefront. How can someone lose the ability to know when she is or is not moving? Is this some type of elaborate Freudian defense mechanism, or is this person entirely unaware of her illness? How is self-awareness represented […]

Didgeridoo Cures Sleep Apnea?

Didgeridoo playing as alternative treatment for obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome: randomised controlled trial — Puhan et al. 332 (7536): 266 — BMJ. No, not a shamanistic ritual. The didgeridoo is an Australian aborigine wind instrument. It is a long tube, traditionally made of wood. The timbre and tone depend upon the size of the instrument, […]

Pathologizing Poverty

The 2002 report of the US Surgeon General says that 1 in 5 adults will be diagnosed as mentally ill. I believe that statistic reflects the unfortunate fact that minor differences in temperament, coping style, cultural affiliation, and even socioeconomic status are being pathologized by out-of-control sickness-manufacturing industry. Does the Surgeon General consider a depressed […]

Remission in Bipolar Disorder

If someone figures out how to “cure” genetics, let me know. You can’t exactly pick up a bottle of Grecian Formula for Brain at the local pharmacy. Remission is another thing altogether. That simply means that you are having an extended symptom-free period. Given that the DSM-IV bipolar criteria only require that the patient have […]

Do Meds Make Us Stupid?

From an article on PubMed: “Patients on treatment with antipsychotic drugs had a lower current full scale IQ, lower general memory scores, and lower working memory scores.” I submit that psych meds actually make you less capable of effectively participating in your treatment, or even in life. Why are they doing this to us?  Related […]

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