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Foreign Investors

A friend recently consulted me about a rumor he heard. He wanted to know whether the Muslims are investing money in the US in order to take over. This is my reply: The simple answer is “No, and if they did it was an amazingly stupid investment.” But I don’t do simple. :-) I’ll start […]

Criminalizing Birth Control

Protests Over a Rule to Protect Health Providers – NYTimes.com George W. Bush is trying to push a bill through Congress that enables doctors to force their religious beliefs on women. The NYT, phrases it as if they are somehow protecting the doctors’ rights. I don’t think so. If a doctor is a Fundamentalist Extremist, […]

The Nightmare is Almost Over

The Bush administration has plunged us into a moral and spiritual abyss, one that has separated us from our allies and friends. It is this same moral vacuum that has created the toxic business climate in the US.

Mental Health Care Failing At-Risk Troops

Mental Health Care Failing At-Risk Troops, Related Study Finds Battlefield Ethics Also Suffering – CBS News This story on CBS shows an ongoing problem in Iraq. Overworked, stressed-out soldiers start to fall apart due to long deployments and irrational (if any) strategy. I question labeling someone as mentally ill when it’s due to long-term stress. […]

Supreme Court: Harriet Miers?

Conservatives Split Over Bush Nominee It doesn’t matter whether Ms. Miers is Conservative or a Constructionist or anti-abortion or for war. Let’s cut to the chase.Harriet Miers has never sat on the bench. She&’;s not a judge and has never been one.She isn’t qualified for the job. Period.  Related Who Are You? I see that […]

Fun With Google

Go to Google http://www.google.com/ Type in the word “failure” – no quotes Hit the “I’m feeling lucky” button No related posts.

No Nostradamus

I have to get this out before it rots my head. Stuff happens. “I don’t think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees.” — George W. Bush, to Diane Sawyer. It didn’t take a Nostradamus to know this could happen. National Geographic predicted the New Orleans disaster caused by Hurricane Katrina in October, 2004. Thousands […]

Encyclopedia Dramatica

Sock puppet – Encyclopedia Dramatica. Just found this wonderful site yesterday. It’s all about the Internets, “invented by Al Gore and pluralized by George W. Bush”. It’s also a great place to get tips on making your life interesting and everybody else’s lives miserable. And how to deal with dramatis personae who wish to make […]

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