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Juice Fast Day 3

Day 3 is coming to a close. I’m not feeling better than yesterday, but I’m not feeling worse. I am now officially committing to another 2 days on juice alone. I don’t think fruit would be a good idea. If I make it to 5 days, it will be EASY to get to 10. I’m […]

An Introduction to Evolution

I have to give a speech on evolution…help? – Yahoo! Answers My nephew would tell you that a shark doesn’t turn into a chair. Darwin and Wallace were the first guys to write about evolution. Darwin got his ideas while traveling around the world and seeing all kinds of animals. The ship was called the […]

No Nostradamus

I have to get this out before it rots my head. Stuff happens. “I don’t think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees.” — George W. Bush, to Diane Sawyer. It didn’t take a Nostradamus to know this could happen. National Geographic predicted the New Orleans disaster caused by Hurricane Katrina in October, 2004. Thousands […]

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