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GM Bailout

I have an answer for the auto industry. The bailout should take the form of vouchers to individual citizens that can only be used to purchase a car. If you give 100,000,000 citizens $25,000 each, there’s your bailout. Plus the auto workers keep getting paid.  Related Foreign Investors A friend recently consulted me about a […]

Toxic Capitalism

Interdependence is the key word. Enlightened interdependence. Life in all its rich variety, “take a little, leave a little”… However: by the inexorable logistics of the vampiric process THEY ALWAYS TAKE MORE THAN THEY NEED. — William S. Burroughs “Words of Advice for Young People” From Hallucination Engine by Material. This spoken-word piece by William […]

Foreign Investors

A friend recently consulted me about a rumor he heard. He wanted to know whether the Muslims are investing money in the US in order to take over. This is my reply: The simple answer is “No, and if they did it was an amazingly stupid investment.” But I don’t do simple. :-) I’ll start […]

Please to help on a matter of Greatest Urgency

Got this email from a friend. I howled with laughter when I read it. See the next post for my response. Dear American: I need to ask you to support an urgent secret business relationship with a transfer of funds of great magnitude. I am Ministry of the Treasury of the Republic of America. My […]

Capitalism and Democracy

“I don’t know what money is today, and I don’t think anybody at the Fed does either.” Richard Pratt, Chairman of the Board of the Federal Home Loan Bank, 1982 “American democracy was founded on the principle, stressed by James Madison in the Constitutional Convention in 1787, that the primary function of government is to […]

Jefferson on the Public Debt

But the art and mystery of banks is a wonderful improvement on that. It is established on the principle that “private debts are a public blessing”; that the evidences of those private debts, called bank notes, become active capital, and aliment the whole commerce, manufactures, and agriculture of the United States. Here are a set of people, for instance, who have bestowed on us the great blessing of running in our debt about two hundred millions of dollars, without our knowing who they are, where they are, or want property they have to pay this debt when called on; nay, who have made us so sensible of the blessings of letting them run in our debt, that we have exempted them by law from the repayment of these debts beyond a given proportion (generally estimated at one-third).

The American Dream

The American Dream requires that you spend spend spend the future and hope that future earnings pay the debt.

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