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Old Movie

My sister was an extra in this movie playing an exotic dancer. Probably the only scene that didn’t involve good guys gone bad pummeling people they didn’t like.  Related Heart of the Beholder Just found the web page for a new movie, Heart… TFTD: The Zen of Bond Watching a 007 movie on TV… I’ve […]

TFTD: Being Average

Thought for the Day: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” — Jim Rohn Quoted by Gary Craig in the EFT Insights Newsletter (July 6, 2007)  Related Folk Revival According to an article in May 23, 2007 N.Y. Times,… BBQ Done Right! George H. Gobel is an engineering […]

"Muzzy Mouse" Squeaks His Last

Ok, I went too far, propagating the “Muzzy Mouse” meme. It is ridiculous to stigmatize all Moslems based on the actions of a few WahhābÄ«m. We mustn’t forget that just a few years ago Catholic and Protestant Christians were murdering each other in the UK. Personally, I think it’s time for all religions to take […]

TFTD: Damaged People

reputation “I read something recently . . . and this one phrase leapt out at me from the book DAMAGE by Josephine Hart. It says, ‘Damaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive.’ And that kind of sums me up.” — Dusty Springfield  Related ’07: A Meme Game I’ve been meaning to do this […]

Consensus Reality

Referring back to Shamanism and Talking to Dog. We have the ability to perceive *everything* until our society teaches us to block out of our minds what’s happening on the other side of the door. Privacy is how it starts. Later it becomes political. This is the definition of sanity, sharing a world-view. My cat […]

Update: Heart of the Beholder

I finally got around to seeing Heart of the Beholder. The movie was very engaging. It follows Mike and Diane Howard from before the birth of their first child. Their hopes for a better life are realized when Mike’s gamble of opening a video store blossoms into a popular video store chain. That’s where the […]

The End of the Age of Aquarius

I graduated high school in 1975. The world was in constant change from the time I was little. New paradigms all around. Students protesting an unjust war, many minorities fighting for equality. A great human awareness of our place on the planet and in the cosmos. Even the pop music carried the message. O Brave […]

Heart of the Beholder

Just found the web page for a new movie, Heart of the Beholder. It’s about a family-owned video store chain that is targeted by a religious cult for offering – supposedly – obscene videos. The story is true. The main video they objected to was Martin Scorsese’s “The Last Temptation of Christ“, a movie that […]

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