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Chip PC Jack Thin Client

I am having serious trouble keeping my debit card in my pocket on this one. I suspect that sometime between now and tomorrow morning I will yield to temptation. The Chip PC Jack is a computer that fits in a standard electrical outlet. WANT! A “Thin-Client” computer is one that runs a pared down operating […]

My XO Laptop

My XO Laptop is almost here. Watch this space for a technical writeup and demo video. —– Original Message —– From: OLPC Customer Care To: banth@….. Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2008 2:30 AM Subject: Your XO Laptop Dear Donor, We wrote you several days ago to let you know that your donation is in our […]

Still Reluctant

Of course, if I *wanted* a dual-boot system, XP probably would have shredded the existing file system.

The Reluctant Geekess

I’ve been dragging my feet as far as the soon-to-be Linux Laptop goes. There are a couple of issues that I haven’t quite resolved. First, Knoppix came up in the GUI. It didn’t seem to support the wireless card. But it communicated with it, which is better than Windows 98 did. I found what might […]

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