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Stone Him With Stones

Just in case anyone is still complaining that Islamists are violent, here’s something from the KJV bible. It’s pretty clear what a good Christian is supposed to do to non-Christians. Deuteronomy 13 6 If thy brother, the son of thy mother, or thy son, or thy daughter, or the wife of thy bosom, or thy […]

Heaven as Holding Tank

I feel very threatened when I hear someone touting the virtues of a religion that espouses death to non-believers. Further, it is predatory to try to suck in vulnerable people by pretending the the Bible is all sweetness and light. I read the bible a couple of times, too. I know what it says. It […]

Hunky Priests

2008 handsome priests calendar – Calendario Romano Not just for kids any more – now you too can have your own hunky priest… calendar. Piero Pazzi’s Calendario Romano features handsome Roman priests and beautiful Vatican churches. The calendar helps raise funds for London HIV charity The Food Chain.  Related Please to help on a matter […]

By their works shall ye know them

Police expect no charges in youth group diaper skit According to the article above, the Christian youth organization Young Life promotes paraphilias as an “icebreaker” at teen gatherings. A skit at a local Christian youth group meeting had teenage boys taking off some of their clothes, wearing adult diapers, bibs and bonnets and being spoon-fed […]


Warning: Belief-O-Maticâ„¢ assumes no legal liability for the ultimate fate of your soul.

Shamanism and talking to Dog

The anthropological literature has whole books on how different cultures view mental illness. A bipolar makes a perfect shaman, because unmedicated we tend to have periods of remission between any episodes of talking to Dog. How we perceive our own level of functioning is an important part of the diagnostic criteria. I quote from pendulum.org: […]

Today’s meanderings

Well, the news is full of fun stuff today. The press could do so much good if they directed their energy into improving the world. Man faints, dies after seeing epidural. Ok, I can almost see this. The needle is three inches long and marked in stripes to indicate depth of penetration. It looks kind […]

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