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My 1990s Reading List

Found an partial list of books I read in the late ’90s to early ’00s. In some cases I had read earlier books in a set and included them in the same year. In the interest of actually publishing the blog entry, many entries have no Amazon link yet. 4/1997, J. Frøyland, Introduction to Chaos […]


Rethinking personal evolution. Post-modernism is about creating a synthesis encompassing, integrating, and synergizing the existing, mutually exclusive domains of religion and science. A new spiritual paradigm, if you like buzz-words. Most of us have evolved far beyond the pre-industrial, that is, agrarian, monotheistic religions. Blind faith stopped being relevant before WWII, so you practically have […]

Foot Baths: Whining in Washington

College’s foot bath plans spark backlash I agree that public funds shouldn’t be used to create foot baths for the Muslims to use before their five-times-a-day prayers. I’m also against the use of public funds to install sexist urinals for males who are perfectly capable of peeing in the general vicinity of the toilet. :-/ […]

ECT, etc.

"A functioning police state needs no police." — William S. Burroughs "Shock Therapy" is that ugly dog collar and backpack combination that they use in some detention centers to control kids with behavior problems. Yes, read that to mean psychological problems. Don’t get me started on behaviorists. It is used as a behavior modification technique, […]

My Amazon.com Wishlist

I spend a good deal of my discretionary income on books. Amazon.com lets you create a wishlist. I like to put things on the wishlist instead of in the shopping cart. It still feels like a hypomanic shopping spree. I can’t change what I am, but I can change how I behave, right? I scan […]

Your Library – A Meme Game

A little game from bipolar disorder: the story of me and it. Grab the nearest book you have on the subject of Bipolar Disorder. Open the book to page 18. Find the ninth sentence Post the text of the sentence. Have a laugh. (a derivation of the page 23 meme) There is a higher prevalence […]

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