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So Many Things A Hand Can Do!

Earlier today a religious fundamentalist told me that I believe in evolution because it was shoved down my throat. Actually, I “discovered” evolution as a child by wandering around the zoo looking at animals’ hands. Later, much later, I came across a field called anthropology which explained what I observed at the zoo: that the hands show […]

Man’s Uniqueness

Man’s uniqueness among species rests upon his capacity to perfect the arrangements for his own Judgement Day, instead of waiting for nature to do it for him. Robert Ardrey, The Territorial Imperative: A Personal Inquiry into the Animal Origins of Property and Nations  Related What Mad Pursuit ‘J.B.S. Haldane was once asked what the study […]

Linguistics and the Experience of Emotions

Tahitians do not have a word directly equivalent to sadness. Instead, they treat sadness as something like a physical illness. This difference has an impact on how the emotion is experienced by Tahitians. For example, the sadness we feel over the departure of a close friend would be experienced by a Tahitian as exhaustion.


Halloween, in case you aren’t a history freak, is a remnant of pre-Christian rituals – a night when the spirits came back to walk among us, and a chance to make up for the wrongs we committed against them when they were alive. “All Hallows E’en”. It seems that the urban folks were converted to […]

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