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Dogs and Vegetables

Caveat: I am NOT an animal expert. I don’t have a dog, I have cats. Dogs have around 15,000 years of selective breeding behind them. Of course they can eat our foods… or most of them! Despite what the premium brands tell you, a dog is not a wolf and it doesn’t require the same […]

Cat Personality and Coat Color

There is some question as to whether a cat’s coat color is a good predictor of his personality. Any cat owner will tell you this is true, and the web has several lists of personality types. This quote provides three possible mechanisms for the relationship between cat coat color and personality type. Coloring can affect […]

Animals As Intelligent Beings

Tuning into your pet’s needs – BlogPaws My cat turned me on to a new blog for pet owners called BlogPaws. There is some mention of a conference for bloggers, writers and pet supply companies. The first emphasis brought to my attention was the SEO aspect of writing a blog. is a fun blog, […]

Inhumane Killing of Feral Cats

There was an awful article in one of the local papers about the township killing feral cats with an injection to the heart. That is so inhumane it takes my breath away. It is utter torture to the animal, painfully stopping the heart but not actually killing it immediately. 12. How does euthanasia of animals […]

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