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AT&T Wireless Speed Test

Much to my surprise the speed test ran and said my phone is faster than DSL.

More Icons

I think I’ll name my next dog “Hash: b2e189abf85e809a51522cdb0e53083a” I found Don Park’s site (see below, Identicons) while searching for 2D codes such as ShotCode and QRCode. Once I get everything tagged, life is going to be much simpler. :-) Ok, so Don had links to some other fun icon sites, and I’d like to […]

Tagging Meatspace

I’ve been playing with the .mobi stuff and discovered that 2D codes have a use other than to count packs of cigarettes. I can put my web site URL into a QR-Code or a ShotCode, print it on stickers, and stick the stickers to things. Then folks can point their cellphone cameras at the code […]

My Cellphone ROCKS

It’s a Siemens SX66. I reviewed it earlier this year. Read my review. I’m posting this from it via my home wireless network. Cingular has their own GPRS network, and I’ll use it in a pinch, but it’s really sssslllllooooowwww, not to mention expensive. I prefer other options. It is very important that you password-protect […]

WiFi Hotspot Locator

This Hotspot Locator is coming in very handy, given the exorbitant price of Cingular’s GPRS service. Republished with permission from

Review of the Siemens SX66

Santa wasn’t very good to me this year. I suspect that he heard me accidentally call him Satan the week before Christmas. Or maybe he figured out that I’m a techno-Pagan. I bought myself a toy instead. It’s better that way… I got exactly what I wanted and I didn’t have to be a good […]

Internet Connection Speed Test

Eat your heart out, DSL users.

Driving and Cell Phones

Drivers using cell phones more likely to crash – Wireless World – I don’t think I need to comment on the content of this article. It sure took MSNBC a long time to figure it out. driving + using cellphone = menace  Related Text Messaging – Bad 4 UR Health? Did Text-Messaging Lead to […]

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