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Laser Light Paint Bucket

The man says this new toy is for toddlers. The little buggers will have to fight me for it. Laser Light Paint Bucket Go ahead and let the kids draw on the walls. No related posts.

TFTD – Effective communication

“Effective communication requires constant effort, but ineffective communication requires constant apologies.” – Adam Pacio, used with permission No related posts.

Funerary Customs

I decided it was time to drag the intellectual level of my blog up, kicking and screaming if need be, with an anthropology piece about understanding other cultures’ customs. I may have lent that book out. I always feel like I’m blowing smoke if I don’t have quotes to back up my bizarre ideas. But […]

Jessica Wants an MRI

This is an expansion on a comment I left on The Zucchini Patch. I think they use PET scans for what you want to do. An MRI isn’t capable of telling the difference between a live brain and a dead brain. It can, however, spot a shrunken hippocampus or amygdala or anomalies in the blood […]

Natural Terror

Natural Terror | The Zucchini Patch Update 9/22/2007: Jessica retooled her blog over the summer. Do be sure to check it out. Here’s the new link to the post above. Natural Terror | The Zucchini Patch A quick search for the toothmark photo below turned up a couple of interesting blog entries using the same […]

Mitochondria Food

Caveat: I’m an electrical engineer. Do not construe this to be medical advice. It is NOT. I have chosen to use allopathic meds as the basis for my treatment, and I will not change my mind – at least not until after menopause! But with my pdoc’s blessing I am allowed not only to take […]

Shamanism and talking to Dog

The anthropological literature has whole books on how different cultures view mental illness. A bipolar makes a perfect shaman, because unmedicated we tend to have periods of remission between any episodes of talking to Dog. How we perceive our own level of functioning is an important part of the diagnostic criteria. I quote from […]

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