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AK-47, The Official Assault Weapon of the Mentally Ill

Gun Sales: Will The “Loophole” Close? In an interview with Leslie Stahl of 60 Minutes on April 12, 2009, Sen. Diane Feinstein (D) firmly equated mental illness with criminal insanity by repeatedly using the phrase “criminals and the mentally ill.” If it wasn’t bad enough that she did irreparable damage to the reputations of hundreds […]

Objectifying Women

More blog-fodder from Yahoo! Answers. I think we can all agree that consistently objectifying women is not just wrong, it is dysfunctional. By objectifying I mean that the viewer isn’t concerned with the woman’s needs and desires but only with his own. This lack of empathy, **when taken to extremes**, is the hallmark of a […]


You don’t make sense « Life-changing things that don’t matter Came across this while researching PlumpyNut. The United States are inhabited by about 300 million people with an unemployment rate of about 5 percent. If you’re interested in the rest of the world, look up Kwashiorkor. According to Medline, Kwashiorkor is a form of malnutrition […]

Dysfunction and Censorship

Letter to a good Christian woman: I think we can all agree that consistantly objectifying women is not just wrong, it is dysfunctional. By “objectifying” I mean that the viewer isn’t concerned with the woman’s needs and desires but only with his own. This lack of empathy, when taken to extremes, is the hallmark of […]

Mental Health Parity in the Bailout Boondoggle H. R. 1424

Here is the full text, and I suggest that everybody read this bill. It was pushed through with only a couple of days debate by lawyers who have little understanding of the workings of Wall Street or The Fed, and who have huge financial interest in the institutions that will benefit from it. To add insult to injury, they tacked a lot of pork barrel spending onto it to BRIBE Congress to agree to it.

Toeing the Party Line

David Brooks: The Class War Before Palin Over the past 15 years, the same argument has been heard from a thousand politicians and a hundred television and talk-radio jocks. The nation is divided between the wholesome Joe Sixpacks in the heartland and the oversophisticated, overeducated, oversecularized denizens of the coasts. I think both parties have […]

FEMA Concentration Camps

Rex 84 – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Exercises similar to Rex 84 happen regularly.[5] Plans for roundups of large numbers of persons in the United States in times of crisis are constructed during periods of increased political repression such as the Palmer Raids and the McCarthy Era. CIVIL SECURITY PLANNING Since WWII, the U.S. […]

Stoned Again, Naturally.

Found this in an archive from 2005. I have come to realize that some folks, in order to maintain a very narrow belief system, no longer allow themselves to evaluate other belief systems. In essence, other points of view dangerously threaten their fragile little world. That is, their own opinions seem like Universal Truths to […]

GM Bailout

I have an answer for the auto industry. The bailout should take the form of vouchers to individual citizens that can only be used to purchase a car. If you give 100,000,000 citizens $25,000 each, there’s your bailout. Plus the auto workers keep getting paid.  Related Foreign Investors A friend recently consulted me about a […]

Toxic Capitalism

Interdependence is the key word. Enlightened interdependence. Life in all its rich variety, “take a little, leave a little”… However: by the inexorable logistics of the vampiric process THEY ALWAYS TAKE MORE THAN THEY NEED. — William S. Burroughs “Words of Advice for Young People” From Hallucination Engine by Material. This spoken-word piece by William […]

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