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Out Of The Corner Of My Eye

There are an unbelievable number of illnesses causing an exaggerated startle response. MS, PTSD, autism. Apparently lack of awareness of your surroundings is tied into startle response to peripheral vision stimuli. Peripheral Visual Awareness: The Central Issue “Many cases show that with functional (and therefore reversible) deficits, similar problems arise for individuals who have inefficient […]

Global Warming and Poison Ivy

  I hate Global Warming skeptics. Ecotoxicity Excerpts: /PLANTS/ … It is not known how poison ivy might respond to increasing concentrations of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO(2)), but previous work done in controlled growth chambers shows that other vines exhibit large growth enhancement from elevated CO(2). Rising CO(2) is potentially responsible for the increased vine […]

In Spiritus Sanctum

To the Native Americans, breath and spirit were one and the same. A baby wasn’t instilled with a soul until he took his first breath. In Latin “spiritus” can mean either breath or soul. Dying, “expiration,” means both that final breath and the departure of the soul. Photo CreditsPodSource: FlickrAuthor: Raymond Larose  Related What Kind […]

Educating Autistics

Asperger’s dropped from revised diagnosis manual | General Headlines | Comcast Asperger’s will be dropped from the next revision of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the book that standardizes diagnostic criteria for mental illness. Brilliant. By eliminating an autism spectrum, the psychiatrists will be encouraging discrimination against “Aspies” (their word for […]


Cthulhu: Genetic risk and stressful early infancy join to increase risk for schizophrenia Me: Dr. Fuller Torrey says schizophrenia caused by cat shit. Pfffft! Cthulhu: Ah, the Toxoplasmosis link? Yeah, I’m a little wary about that myself. I’d have to see more data on that published than has been. Me: Empirical data shows that sometimes […]

Death Panels

Your private insurance company decides when you die, not the government.  Related Mental Health Rules Put in Bailout The above link is to the full text of… Pathologizing Poverty The 2002 report of the US Surgeon General says that… Back in the Saddle Again I haven’t been blogging for quite a while. There’s no… […]

Transitions 2

Managing Stress Avoid Vagueness Not wasting energy on nervous habits. Success The smells of pines, teaberry and blueberries Birds chirping in the morning and not a car for miles No longer a Peon Hungry for those good things, baby I can be anything I want, I’m that good. “You can be anyone this time around.” […]

Keirsey Temperament Sorter

I am going through some old accounts and found this one.  Just for kicks I took the latest version of the Keirsey Temperament Sorter to see whether I am still INTP, “The Architect.” This a personality test of sorts that categorizes the client in order to help them better utiliize their strengths. Read more about […]

Transitions 1

Back in the late 1980s I trained to administer a process called a Transition Session. I didn’t finish the training because with my poor social skills I was unable to get enough clients. It’s too bad, because the Transition Sessions were a powerful tool. I’m about to throw out all my notes, but first I […]

Back in the Saddle Again

I haven’t been blogging for quite a while. There’s no real reason for it, only excuses. I love being a geekess, a technician, and engineer.  Science is my beautiful, ever-changing universe. But as the years go by it gets more and more difficult to maintain my concentration for an entire 8-hour day. My job performance […]

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