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Dogs and Vegetables

Caveat: I am NOT an animal expert. I don’t have a dog, I have cats. Dogs have around 15,000 years of selective breeding behind them. Of course they can eat our foods… or most of them! Despite what the premium brands tell you, a dog is not a wolf and it doesn’t require the same […]

Dreaming of Burgers

Day 7, Saturday. First off, the night before I dreamed I was driving down a road with fast-food joints as far as I could see. I woke up with the intention of having a rare tenderloin. I think I am craving B12, taurine or fat. In the past when I’ve quit eating red meat I’m […]


After watching the movie Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead

Juice Fast Day 3

Day 3 is coming to a close. I’m not feeling better than yesterday, but I’m not feeling worse. I am now officially committing to another 2 days on juice alone. I don’t think fruit would be a good idea. If I make it to 5 days, it will be EASY to get to 10. I’m […]

Juice Fast Day 2

Day 2. I don’t feel hungry but I’m craving foods. I’m also gritting my teeth and feeling anxious. I’m going to do an extra half hour on the exercise bike later in hopes of tapping glycogen stores. My husband cooked salmon last night and it smelled unbelievably good. He bought me a bottle of V-8 […]

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Just getting started on this. I don’t have the willpower some folks have, so I’ve been gradually cutting down on food as I get into it. I’ve been juicing for a couple of years but until I saw Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead it didn’t occur to me that a juice fast is doable. I […]

Selecting a Juice Extractor

By now you’ve probably heard of the health benefits of eating raw foods. The nutrients in fruits and vegetables are largely destroyed by cooking, thus rendering them only marginally more nutritious than straw. Shipping produce long distances is another factor in vitamin loss. Unless you eat local food with the seasons, there are times when […]


You don’t make sense « Life-changing things that don’t matter Came across this while researching PlumpyNut. The United States are inhabited by about 300 million people with an unemployment rate of about 5 percent. If you’re interested in the rest of the world, look up Kwashiorkor. According to Medline, Kwashiorkor is a form of malnutrition […]

PETA’s Sexy Striptease

Learn Your ABC’s With PETA’s Sexy Striptease : Quiz : PETA I got 100 percent on the ABC Striptease Quiz! No related posts.

Taco Belly

Sign on the wall at the cashier’s station in a drive-through Taco Bell. The sign has since been moved, apparently because Taco Bell realized that customers can read. I doubt that it’s because Corporate noticed that there is an epidemic of obesity in the US. ATTENTION CASHIERS When ringing up a Value Meal your reply […]

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