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Online list of DSM-IV diagnoses.

PSYweb DSM-IV Diagnoses and Codes. PSYweb has a list of the DSM-IV Diagnosis Codes. Notice that there are a lot of psychiatric diagnoses caused by psych meds. This makes it totally clear that your meds can make you sicker, a good argument for doing the minimum meds to make you functional vs. medicating yourself into […]

McCain – Sleepwalking Ambien Ad?

ABC News: McCain’s Ambien Use: a Security Threat? So much for that 3AM phone call. With his sleeping pills John McCain won’t even hear the phone ring. A worse scenario, however, is that he gets up and starts World War IV while in a drug-induced fugue state. “The key is to use Ambien-like sleeping medications […]

TFTD: Algebra

Some days I think every bipolar should be forced to take Abstract Algebra. That which doesn’t kill me makes me stronger, eh?

Pharmaceutical Chastity Belt

Perhaps we should refer to our meds as a “pharmaceutical chastity belt.”

Take Me to the River

Rivers Source Botanicals Retail/Wholesale As a psychiatric patient^w^w shaman wannabe^w^w armchair anthropologist, I am very interested in the varieties of religious experience, to steal a title from psychologist William James. More precisely, I’m interested in different paths to epiphany just as much as I am interested in the content of the epiphanies. The content, you […]

Thought for the Day: Anosognosia

Anosognosia for Hemiplegia: A Window into Self-Awareness …Anosognosia brings questions of the origin of self-awareness to the forefront. How can someone lose the ability to know when she is or is not moving? Is this some type of elaborate Freudian defense mechanism, or is this person entirely unaware of her illness? How is self-awareness represented […]

Mental Health Care Failing At-Risk Troops

Mental Health Care Failing At-Risk Troops, Related Study Finds Battlefield Ethics Also Suffering – CBS News This story on CBS shows an ongoing problem in Iraq. Overworked, stressed-out soldiers start to fall apart due to long deployments and irrational (if any) strategy. I question labeling someone as mentally ill when it’s due to long-term stress. […]

Do Meds Make Us Stupid?

From an article on PubMed: “Patients on treatment with antipsychotic drugs had a lower current full scale IQ, lower general memory scores, and lower working memory scores.” I submit that psych meds actually make you less capable of effectively participating in your treatment, or even in life. Why are they doing this to us?  Related […]


I had a very fruitful discussion with my shrink Saturday morning. I wanted to know why it is that some of the folks on the bipolar lists who are obviously far more stable than I am are on disability. It has been suggested that I have force of will, a concept that is complete and […]

Democrats and “Elitism”

In the current political usage, “elite” usually means “educated” in the sense of being well-rounded intellectually. THAT is what we are struggling with. It’s people who want to learn it for themselves vs. people who would rather take someone else’s word for it. Spirituality vs. blind faith. Evolution vs. stagnancy. Proactive vs. reactive. We’re back […]

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