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Didgeridoo Cures Sleep Apnea?

Didgeridoo playing as alternative treatment for obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome: randomised controlled trial — Puhan et al. 332 (7536): 266 — BMJ. No, not a shamanistic ritual. The didgeridoo is an Australian aborigine wind instrument. It is a long tube, traditionally made of wood. The timbre and tone depend upon the size of the instrument, […]


The StressEraser is a handheld biofeedback unit. Unlike my favorite computer game, Journey to Wild Divine[


I had a very fruitful discussion with my shrink Saturday morning. I wanted to know why it is that some of the folks on the bipolar lists who are obviously far more stable than I am are on disability. It has been suggested that I have force of will, a concept that is complete and […]

Mitochondria Food

Caveat: I’m an electrical engineer. Do not construe this to be medical advice. It is NOT. I have chosen to use allopathic meds as the basis for my treatment, and I will not change my mind – at least not until after menopause! But with my pdoc’s blessing I am allowed not only to take […]

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