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Sometimes There Is No Movie

Conversation: K: It just ocurred to me. A major flaw in the premise of the movie “Signs “. Why would anyone go to a planet that contained such vast quantities of a substance so extremely toxic to them? Me: USUALLY they don’t. In those cases the native species all die and there is no movie. […]

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Just getting started on this. I don’t have the willpower some folks have, so I’ve been gradually cutting down on food as I get into it. I’ve been juicing for a couple of years but until I saw Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead it didn’t occur to me that a juice fast is doable. I […]

Old Movie

My sister was an extra in this movie playing an exotic dancer. Probably the only scene that didn’t involve good guys gone bad pummeling people they didn’t like.  Related Heart of the Beholder Just found the web page for a new movie, Heart… TFTD: The Zen of Bond Watching a 007 movie on TV… I’ve […]

HBO – Temple Grandin

HBO has made a movie about the life of Dr. Temple Grandin, author of "Thinking in Pictures," the autobiography of an autistic woman. Dr. Grandin is an expert in animal husbandry whose specialty is humane treatment of animals in the cattle industry. The movie is a must see. Preorder Temple Grandin from Starring Claire […]

Sita Sings the Blues

The Hindu Goddess Sita made her animated film debut in a wonderful movie called Sita Sings the Blues.

snakes on a plane sex bit

Snakes on a Plane [2006] [R] – 8.9.6 I was poking around in the access log trying to figure out why recycled canvas isn’t talking to its server and found the following entry: – – [23/Aug/2007:05:32:37 -0700] “GET /~void/category/snakes-on-a-plane/ HTTP/1.1” 200 15854 “” “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-GB; rv: Gecko/20070725 Firefox/” It […]

Zappa Meets Henson – Everyone Fraggled

Ahmet Zappa – Mighty McFearless Zappa says Fraggle film will rock. The children of Frank “200 Motels” Zappa and Jim “The Muppets” Henson are collaborating. It is likely to frag the underpinnings of civilization, if not the very fabric of the universe. Were you as confused as I was as a child by the TV […]

Netflix WatchNow, but use IE

Netflix Watch Now! Netflix started rolling out their WatchNow instant video feature in January. If it hasn’t shown up in your account yet, try the link above to activate it. Oh, but try it in Internet Exploder. It doesn’t work in Firefox. Netflix WatchNow tests your connection speed to choose what video quality to stream. […]

Hiding Divya

Bipolar Disorder Daily News Blog: New South Asian (India) Film on Bipolar Disorder Hiding Divya is an English-language film about the stigma against the mental ill in New York/North Jersey Philipino-Indian communities. It’s a must-see.  Related Remission in Bipolar Disorder If someone figures out how to “cure” genetics, let me… The Thousand Names of the […]

Update: Heart of the Beholder

I finally got around to seeing Heart of the Beholder. The movie was very engaging. It follows Mike and Diane Howard from before the birth of their first child. Their hopes for a better life are realized when Mike’s gamble of opening a video store blossoms into a popular video store chain. That’s where the […]

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