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Found this in my error log. Apparently somebody drops nasties in people’s image directories and induce other folks to access the nasty. Fortunately the file doesn’t exist in my image directory. I can’t guess whether it was ever there, or whether the tech guys at the host removed it for me. I see from looking […]

Enter the Dragon

Neowin Giveaway >> 31 Days of the Dragon If you haven’t heard about the HP 31 Days of the Dragon, hear about it. They’re giving away a kick-@55 computer every day for 31 days. Neowin wanted to get folks to participate so I generated an mp3 about what I’d do if I had a dragon. […]


Create your very own Semacode tag. What is Semafox? Semafox is an easy way to create a smart 2D barcode (aka a semacode) using your web browser. There’s nothing to install or uninstall. Bonus… the QRCode reader from KAYWA can decode it. As always, my search for this item resulted in something totally unexpected, in […]

One Laptop Per Child It’s here, the ideal gift for early adopters. We’ve been hearing about the $100 Laptop for months now. It seemed like a pipe dream. A laptop for children in third world countries? It would have to be an engineering marvel. The kids often live in houses with dirt floors. They often don’t have electricity. […]


I signed up with a site called a few months ago and they turned me down because I don’t have enough geotag info in my blog, i.e. I write about ideas rather than local coverage. I guess they figured out that nobody interesting is going to geotag every post. Now has changed things […]

Happy St. Valentine’s Day

Two new worms use St. Valentine’s Day as bait PandaLabs, Panda Security’s laboratory for detecting and analyzing malware, has detected two new worms, Nuwar.OL and Valentin.E, which use the topic of St. Valentine’s Day to spread. I suppose you could call them love bugs. Both Nuwar.OL and Valentin.E arrive by email with Valentine-themed subject lines. […]

Gusano Bagel

It would, of course, would have been far easier to reformat my hard drive. The problem seems to be a bagel variant and has something to do with files named C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\hidr.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\srosa.sys and possibly an infected NETWAITING.EXE file. I have tried multiple rootkit detection and removal programs with varying degrees of success. McAfee Security Center […]

Time to Make the Bagels

I found a related topic on the What the Tech forums.…ml&hl=srosa It may be the same as my problem. The tool mentioned in the article, Blacklight, is no longer available, but the company has a dozen or so FREE special-purpose disinfecting tools. Time to make the donuts… errrr…. bagels.[/i] Update 12/3/2007: Got it! With […]


Found this f*cker at the bottom of index.php. The file was in the top level and IE kindly downloaded it for me. It’s late, it’s my own site, and I wasn’t paying attention. I ran it. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m running a McAfee scan – it didn’t flag the executable – […]

Spore is coming! YAY!!!!

About a year ago there was a video circulating on the net about a computer game. You all know I’m too boring for computer games, but this one had a tie-in with physical, cultural and technological evolution. You can’t beat that. [The name, Leslie, tell them the name!] The game is called Spore. Better pre-order […]

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