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The Reluctant Geekess

I’ve been dragging my feet as far as the soon-to-be Linux Laptop goes. There are a couple of issues that I haven’t quite resolved. First, Knoppix came up in the GUI. It didn’t seem to support the wireless card. But it communicated with it, which is better than Windows 98 did. I found what might […]

The Continuing Saga

The continuing saga of the Linux Laptop. The battery wasn’t warranted, so I didn’t expect it to work. It didn’t. I ordered a new battery on ebay, should be in early next week. S’okay, I have an AC adapter to use until then. I borrowed a LinkSys WUSB11 USB network I/F from work to try […]

Linux laptop

Update: The laptop arrived and it knows both that it is a Compaq and that it currently is running Windows 98. I’ll spend a bit of time documenting the hardware configuration and obtaining drivers before starting the conversion to Linux. To reiterate, I bought an ancient laptop from Bob – a Compaq Presario 1235 […]


I’m considering getting a Linux laptop. Now that Red Hat has been seduced to the Dark side, Fedora it will be. I get the scratch-and-dent email from and I’m hopeful that there will be a suitable laptop soon. And that they will actually be able to ship it to me this time.  Related The […]

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