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Heaven as Holding Tank

I feel very threatened when I hear someone touting the virtues of a religion that espouses death to non-believers. Further, it is predatory to try to suck in vulnerable people by pretending the the Bible is all sweetness and light. I read the bible a couple of times, too. I know what it says. It […]

TFTD: Hallucination

RealMagick Article: The Seven Shaman Principles by Serge Kahill King Thought for the Day: Hallucination means “your dream doesn’t match my dream.”  Related The Renaissance I’ve been playing on Yahoo! Answers and it’s been great… YARPP powered by AdBistroPowered by

By their works shall ye know them

Police expect no charges in youth group diaper skit According to the article above, the Christian youth organization Young Life promotes paraphilias as an “icebreaker” at teen gatherings. A skit at a local Christian youth group meeting had teenage boys taking off some of their clothes, wearing adult diapers, bibs and bonnets and being spoon-fed […]

Take Me to the River

Rivers Source Botanicals Retail/Wholesale As a psychiatric patient^w^w shaman wannabe^w^w armchair anthropologist, I am very interested in the varieties of religious experience, to steal a title from psychologist William James. More precisely, I’m interested in different paths to epiphany just as much as I am interested in the content of the epiphanies. The content, you […]


Rethinking personal evolution. Post-modernism is about creating a synthesis encompassing, integrating, and synergizing the existing, mutually exclusive domains of religion and science. A new spiritual paradigm, if you like buzz-words. Most of us have evolved far beyond the pre-industrial, that is, agrarian, monotheistic religions. Blind faith stopped being relevant before WWII, so you practically have […]

Is Your Baby Gay?

Surfing the ‘net again. The Christians have created a new fear – that a gay baby may have taken up residence in your uterus. Horrors! We liked it much better when Mia Farrow was infested with the Spawn of Satan in the movie “Rosemary’s Baby.” Is Your Baby Gay? Pretty soon, a DNA test could […]

Mishaps are like knives

I worked late Thursday night because I’ve been having trouble getting there on time. Typically I leave at around 8, and it’s a 45 minute drive home. I’ve been in that place where… well, it’s as if I need to stop and let my mind catch its breath, if that makes sense. Instead, I just […]

Easter at The Vatican

And a Happy Easter to all my friends of the Christian persuasion. Thanks to  Related Happy Hannukah And a Happy Hannukah to all my friends of the… Halloween Halloween, in case you aren’t a history freak, is a… YARPP powered by AdBistroPowered by


Virtual Talmud: Principle, not Expediency Jewish tradition is based on the principle of eilu v’eilu — that conflicting positions each have standing and integrity in their own right, provided that the argument at hand is made for the sake of heaven. No related posts.

Family Values

There has been a lot of verbiage in the media lately about how marriage is a Sacred Institution. Atavistic politicians go on and on about how giving same-sex domestic partnerships the same benefits as marriage would be a financial burden on employers and social services, and possibly bring about not only an end to civilization […]

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