Cthulhu: Genetic risk and stressful early infancy join to increase risk for schizophrenia
Me: Dr. Fuller Torrey says schizophrenia caused by cat shit. Pfffft!
Cthulhu: Ah, the Toxoplasmosis link? Yeah, I’m a little wary about that myself. I’d have to see more data on that published than has been.
Me: Empirical data shows that sometimes antipsychotics work. Therefore antipsychotics must kill T. gondii. So UNSCIENTIFIC.
Me: Same prevalence of T.gondii in Europeans but less schizo. Sad part is, this doc the head of a major bipolar research org.
Me: I think it turns people into cat ladies. LOL!!
Cthulhu: Yes, that does reek of pseudoscience. It reminds me of quack claims of the “one cause of all disease.”


Me: There was graffiti on a bridge abutment that stayed for YEARS. “God creat disease.”
Me: Some bitter old drunk thought he was being profound. “God creat disease.”
Cthulhu: I think one of humankind’s greatest faults is the tendency to overestimate ourselves, especially our deepitudinosity of thought.
Me: The odd thing was, after they removed the graffiti the words stayed with us.
Cthulhu: Hmmm.
Me: Hmmmmmmmmm….
Me: Truthfully, read Alan Watts “The Value of Psychotic Experience.” Medicate a spiritual crisis?
Cthulhu: I remember having an epiphany of sorts myself in 2007, I thought about my own mortality for months, then accepted it afterward.
Me: I confronted that one in 1979, AND it can be unexpected, AND fairness does not apply.
Cthulhu: Agreed. Mine happened after an accident I had. I remember thinking for days afterwards while recovering.
Cthulhu: After I looked the Reaper in her bony eye-sockets that first time, I thought, “Sorry dudette. We dance some other time, not now.”
Cthulhu: “Dudette”… What a weird thing to call death, but also weird how unfrightening it seemed at the time.
Cthulhu: I decided that I had no inclination to go back to theism, even afterward, since I now think eternal life conceptually horrific.
Cthulhu: At some point, whether 100 years, 1,000 years, or 10,000 years, I’d just want it all to end.”
Me: Sorry, eternal life is obligatory. Here’s your harp.

breastbone harp


Me: You might get a kick out of this. Need to focus and end it with another mind parasite.
Me: Hmmm, that shit would make a great opener for a really scary book.
Me: Mine was after an accident. Had closed head trauma. When you aren’t sure you’ll survive the night you come to terms with things.
Me: Oh, right, yes. Went to the ER and they wouldn’t see me because I didn’t have insurance. Now even the irresponsible get treated.
Me: That, and was tripping when I was in the accident. (I was in the bed of a pickup.) So I had several hours to go when I got home.
Me: In the space of a year I had 3 concussions. The accident one left me with a migraine that subsided after a month and visual effects that didn’t. I think they are called scotoma. They come and go, usually when I’m tired.
Me: They have certain uses but I don’t want to get into it right now.
Cthulhu: After the thing in 2007, I started reading Sagan a lot, especially “Billions & Billions.” & “Varieties of Scientific Experience.”
Me: In 1980 I was in an accident that left me with a vicious migraine for a month, and occasionally thereafter and that’s when I discovered Sagan at the local library. I didn’t get to see all of the TV show because I didn’t have a TV.
Me: Or I had one but it wasn’t working. Or something. I just gave away a couple of his books but I see at least one on the shelf.
Me: I thought it bizarre that his spaceship looked like a dandelion?
Cthulhu: Cosmos! That show was so cool, and though some of the science is dated, much is still valid.
Me: I like that science is self-correcting.


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