So Many Things A Hand Can Do!

Earlier today a religious fundamentalist told me that I believe in evolution because it was shoved down my throat.

Actually, I “discovered” evolution as a child by wandering around the zoo looking at animals’ hands. Later, much later, I came across a field called anthropology which explained what I observed at the zoo: that the hands show how higher animals ascended from lower.

hands: tarsier, gibbon, chimpanzee, human

Evolution of hands from tarsier to human

At this point I should comment that the questioner had a religion, Islam, shoved down his throat from the time he could repeat an Ayah.

Does it seem to you that God was using a template of two eyes/two hands/five fingers in a lot of His Creations? Seems like a lazy god’s way of doing things. If He’s going to be lazy, why not Create a protosimian and allow it to evolve?

Another question that has me perplexed is this: if God created a certain number of species, how DARE we make them go extinct?

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