Juice Fast Day 3

Day 3 is coming to a close. I’m not feeling better than yesterday, but I’m not feeling worse. I am now officially committing to another 2 days on juice alone. I don’t think fruit would be a good idea.

If I make it to 5 days, it will be EASY to get to 10. I’m trying to convince myself of that.

My mind has been feeding me images of food. The thoughts pop into my head as if I’d already made the decision. My car tried to take me to McDonalds tonight. It’s odd, because McDonald’s hardly quailifies as food. It’s salty, greasy slabs of something that gives the impression of being meat.

I seem to be sleeping ok. Better, actually. I also seemed to tolerate the heat better than usual today. We’ll have to see how I tolerate the hot weather coming in tomorrow.

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