Transitions 1

Back in the late 1980s I trained to administer a process called a Transition Session. I didn’t finish the training because with my poor social skills I was unable to get enough clients. It’s too bad, because the Transition Sessions were a powerful tool.

I’m about to throw out all my notes, but first I thought I’d skim over and see how I have changed since then. And blog any nuggets I come across in the process. There is a lot of material so I’ll spread it out over a few posts. First I thought I’d start off with a couple of open-ended statements that can be used to help clarify goals.

Out of my mastery of ______________ I can be counted upon to notice when I am inclined to flee the challenge; to acknowledge that avoidance to someone; and to get appropriate support, with the purpose of manifesting ______________________ in the universe.

Out of my mastery of ______________ I inspire and empower others to ______________ for the purpose of ____________________________________________.

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    • Hiya, it’s going to go away very soon, within the next 2 weeks. Post another comment with the email you use on FB. I’ll keep it private and friend you on FB.

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