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Tagaroo is the fine WordPress plugin from OpenCalais that suggests tags and imanges for my posts. It’s a great tool!

There’s just one problem… Tagaroo updates the page every few seconds to change the tags it suggests when I’m writing some posts. Not all, but enough to make blogging with Tagaroo activated become real chore. Each time it does it, my typing is buffered for a second or two. Occasionally the cursor will pop up to the top of the text box, placing the buffered typing in the beginning of the post. It makes it rather difficult to post.

I’ve written about this in a previous version of WordPress and Tagaroo. Does ANYBODY have an idea what to do about this? Maybe an “Update tagaroo” button?

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  1. Tagaroo Issue

  2. Hi Leslie,

    Thanks for your note. While most users are ok with the update/refresh, we have heard this concern from a couple of users – especially if they are on a slower connection.

    As Sumit mentioned in the OpenCalais forums, we like your idea of an update button. We are looking into that approach and the potential to push that in our next version.

    I will try to get a time frame for you (and other Tagaroo users). Thanks again for bringing it to our attention.

    The OpenCalais team

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