A-theism = Loving Our Planet

Email to a Fundamentalist who obsesses on what he claims is a religion that “espouses rejoicing.”

Your religion also espouses killing members of other religions as part of its teachings. That makes you a danger to many members of this list.

I have never understood why people have to have “faith.” Is it because their religion causes a rift with the higher self? What, no more epiphanies? No more divine revelations? No more burning bushes? That’s ok, you can still have faith.

I prefer to believe in the sunset in Pacific Grove, California; a trip down the Wading River in the pine barrens of New Jersey; the view from a boat on Loch Ness; driving up into the sharp red mountains in Arizona. There is no imaginary playmate in my head trying to claim my feelings at those times.

The awe, the sense of something bigger than yourself? The earth is a big beautiful place, and that feeling means you are at the very edge of becoming part of it. Can’t have any of that Pagan nonsense in our heads! Quick, say that God made the things that gave you that feeling.

On the other hand, nobody ever builds a high wall around God except maybe Jesus or the Pope. I can see the attraction in diverting your feelings to something that you believe will never abandon you no matter what evil you do.

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