Dysfunction and Censorship

Letter to a good Christian woman:

I think we can all agree that consistantly objectifying women is not just wrong, it is dysfunctional. By “objectifying” I mean that the viewer isn’t concerned with the woman’s needs and desires but only with his own. This lack of empathy, when taken to extremes, is the hallmark of a sociopath or a narcissistic personality.

In Muslim cultures this objectification is so ubiquitous that the women must wear burqas to protect themselves from being attacked. Displaying the female form, the clerics claim, incites sexual excitement in men and invites rape.

We heard this same argument when miniskirts were popular in the US.

The United States actually has a great deal more censorship than most European countries. It started with the Comstock Laws, laws that were intended to oppress women by denying them healthcare information. In Europe, casual nudity is unremarkable and nobody is inappropriately aroused by it, while in the U.S. a little too much neck or leg on TV provokes a great outcry.

If I’m understanding you correctly, you are telling us that Americans are incapable of appreciating the human form, male or female, without being sexually overwhelmed. Does your minister also promote rape? I hope not.

Prehistoric fertility totems, ancient Greek statues, and Renoir’s nudes: if you have your way they will be censored along with the sleazy garbage that you and I don’t care to look at.

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