A Frugal Life

I am thankful that I live a relatively simple, frugal life. This post is a little late, I’m just coming off a mental health vacation where I disconnected from a lot of my life. Fortunately much of my life goes on without my actual presence.

As a perpetual pessimist with a long memory, I can’t say I was surprised by the real estate crash, the gas prices, or even the stock market’s power dive. I’ve actually been shoring myself up for it. Worst case we have some canned goods in the basement. We bought a small house that we could afford on only one salary, unlike the IDIOTS who bought houses they couldn’t afford. The idiots that my tax money is going to bail out.

Does anyone here not know that when the government gives out money, a lot of it comes from my income taxes? (The rest of it comes from foreign investors.)

My retirement account has been hemorrhaging money. I don’t expect to ever actually retire, having blown my retirement funds out a couple of times on bad investments – or on toys – during hypomanias. It would have been nice to have spent my losses on alcohol and drugs instead.

My health insurance just went up. It’s 1/3 of my monthly salary. I’m looking into cheaper insurance and an HSA.

I have a small car that sips gas and I have no pity for people who complain about $100+ to fill up their Stupid Useless Vehicles.

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