The Nightmare is Almost Over

Thank goodness the nightmare is almost over.

The Bush administration has plunged us into a moral and spiritual abyss, one that has separated us from our allies and friends. It is this same moral vacuum that has created the toxic business climate in the US.

CEOs, COOs, CFOs are required by law to create the maximum return for their investors. This has resulted in American jobs being farmed out to shady Asian companies; top-level executives earning pay that is orders of magnitude higher than the pay of the lowest-level minimum wage worker; sacrificing quality and safety in American products; and a nationwide goose-step towards Marxism as Reaganomics – “trickle-down economics” – causes the collapse of the middle class. McCain would have continued the economic strategy of robbing the poor to give to the rich.

There is a lot of work to do and it will take time. I hope we haven’t waited too long.

My recommendations:

  • Tie executives’ gross pay, benefits and perqs to the minimum wage – no exceptions!
  • Tie stock dividends to worker pay increases and new hires.
  • Place tariffs on Chinese imports. Sorry W*lMart.
  • Immediately start work programs similar to the WPA and managed by the Army Corps of Engineers in areas of the country hardest hit by manufacturing outsourcing.
  • Re-open all the military bases that Bush closed after 9-11 and transition HSA training and jobs to those facilities.

I also suggest that if an executive has committed a crime, he or she should go to jail just like anyone else.

We have work to do. Let’s get started!

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