Chip PC Jack Thin Client

Chip PC Jack PC EFI-6900 Evaluation Kit Thin Client - Thin Client - AMD Alchemy - 128MB RAM - 64MB Flash - Windows CE .NET

I am having serious trouble keeping my debit card in my pocket on this one. I suspect that sometime between now and tomorrow morning I will yield to temptation.

The Chip PC Jack is a computer that fits in a standard electrical outlet. WANT!

A “Thin-Client” computer is one that runs a pared down operating system, in this case Windows CE. That’s the same OS that runs on many PDAs. However, the Chip PC Jack supports a standard keyboard, mouse and monitor. Two monitors, if you want, either VGA or DVI with separate adapter. Many of Microsoft’s productivity apps, i.e. Office, are available for Windows CE.

If you want much Geek Mojo, this is it.

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