Why We Like Belgian Chocolate

A bit of history.

The story is that in WWII the GIs used to steal the chocolate bars out of all the boxes of K-Rations and use them to buy (rent?) whores. Problem 2 was that fine chocolate doesn’t hold up very well in a tropical climate. Hershey’s set to work on it. The result was the “Field Ration D” bar, a chocolate emergency food bar that didn’t melt as easily and tasted like paraffin wax.

Not only did the Field Ration D bar hold up in the heat, but it also solved the problem of the whores.

A few years later Hershey’s created a slightly better-tasting heat-tolerant chocolate bar called the Hershey’s Tropical Bar. This the ancestor of all American chocolate. I don’t know about the rest of you girls, but I’m looking for a Belgian soldier.

Hershey billed the Tropical Bar as “The Price of Freedom.”

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