Heaven as Holding Tank

I feel very threatened when I hear someone touting the virtues of a religion that espouses death to non-believers. Further, it is predatory to try to suck in vulnerable people by pretending the the Bible is all sweetness and light.

I read the bible a couple of times, too. I know what it says. It SAYS that the way to enlightment is blocked by your prophet. In fact, the way has been blocked since the angel with the flaming sword denied us the fruit from the Tree of Everlasting Life.

Other traditions consider the snake to be a symbol for wisdom, the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. So again, enlightenment – having your own epiphanies instead of accepting dogmatic interpretations is forbidden.

So sad that they block the way by diverting your soul to a sort of holding tank. The road to enlightenment, the cycle of birth and rebirth ends for you at that point. Game Over.

Mostly it’s the prophets’ words pulled together as a checklist to follow in order to give the appearance of having fulfilled thousands of years of prophecies. Except that this happened a couple of hundred years after Jesus death when the Roman Catholics decided to pick and choose which books to discard and which to keep in the Latin Vulgate Bible. And most of it was translated from the Greek, not from the Hebrew or the Aramaic.

The Protestants did their own picking and choosing during the Protestant Reformation. The point being that whatever version you use, your bible has been spun and respun so many times that it is totally irrelevant.

I know, the bible comforts you. But it doesn’t comfort those of us who are in danger from Radical Fundamentalists.

Photo Credit: “The force be with you” controltheweb

2 Responses to Heaven as Holding Tank

  1. True about what you say about the bible. But if one looks closely one can find some truth. As far as finding the way to enlightenment. I did that when I was 11 years old. A mind experiment I did got out of control and I saw the “light”. Then later on I was kicked in the head and had a near death experience. Instead of going to heaven I was on my way to hell. Or so I thought. So I know what the light and the darkness look like. The darkness I saw can steal the light from your eyes. The light was a self- induced seizure. I think.

  2. Seek out the light… the Darkness will find you on its own.

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