The Renaissance

I’ve been playing on Yahoo! Answers and it’s been great for my writer’s block. I’m starting a new category.

Renaissance means “rebirth.” It is the rebirth of knowledge and of culture after a thousand years of ignorance. If you control information – DRM! – you control the world.

King Charlemagne of France wanted to learn to read, probably the first European king to do so. He started a program to educate the populace of France.

The newly-emerging merchant class became patrons of the arts – the Medicis. Up until then, the church supported artists and controlled the subjects of all paintings.

Scientists exchanged ideas and this led to new inventions and ultimately to industrialization. One invention, the printing press, made mass production of books possible so that anyone who could learn to read could school himself. Until then books were copied by hand – manuscripts. And since the church was doing the copying, pretty much everything they copied was modified.

The Renaissance was a breaking free from the past.

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